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Winter Wellness Workshop

22nd of October @ 7 pm - 9 pm / Online Via Zoom
Join me for an evening devoted to nurturing your mind and body!
As the days are getting shorter and darker and the sun rests a little lower in the sky it’s easy for us to let our self-care slide…
Maybe you’re not looking after yourself as well as you should?
Are you finding it harder to get out of bed in the morning and practice or meditate before the day starts?
Perhaps you find it harder to stay positive in the winter months and you find yourself feeling gloomier, as it gets colder and darker?
More tempting just to get stuck in front of Netflix?! (nothing wrong with that!)
I don’t know about you but as winter draws in I am more likely to hit the snooze button and find it easy to feel run down and overwhelmed!
In this workshop, we will look at Traditional Ayurvedic and Yogic techniques to help you move through the Autumn and Winter with more ease and better health. Part of moving through the winter months is about slowing down and cosy winter evenings but we can take positive steps to ensure that we stay positive, healthy and Radiant!
We’ll look at: 
How we can Strengthen our Immune System
Self-care for this time of year
Positive mental Mindset – calmer more zen you
How to establish a Powerful Morning Routine that sets you up for the day but doesn’t take hours!!
Traditional Ayurvedic techniques to bolster your health
and more!
You’ll receive
a worksheet to take away with a 3-day cleanse, Morning Mindset tips and tools and more, a video of a 10-minute morning routine to keep for life and a 10-minute pre-bed video to keep for life.
We’ll practice
Gentle movements perfect for this time of year, breathwork to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system, meditation and journaling to help us set our own realistic and achievable goals!
You’ll Need
A yoga mat, A blanket or 2, A cushion, a candle, a pen and paper, and some massage oil, a towel and old socks!!!
A calm and quiet space, internet connection!
If you can’t make it live
but would like the recording, sign up and you’ll receive the replay which will be available for 7 days.
Book your place by the 19th of October for £25.00, 35.00 after. Places Limited.