Sound Healing

I find the power of working with sound so profound. The soundwaves and vibrations from the crystal bowls encourage us to reach a deep, mediative, and peaceful state. Used by many cultures for thousands of years sound baths help to calm the nervous system and are restorative to the mind and body. 
I offer monthly Yin & Soundbath Sessions as well as 1:1 and group sound healing. You’ll find all the information here, should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Yoga Sessions with Vibrations and soundwaves from crystal bowls.

L i s a  H e l o u
Yoga Student

“Totally loved this out of the world experience never felt so relaxed …. Honestly everyone should try it at least once, they’ll be hooked! Life is too fast sometimes, and this definitely helps the switch off button for a few hours.

Monthly Yin and Soundbath Sessions

Each month join me for a blissful evening of the powerful combination of 
Yin Yoga and Crystal Soundbath.
We’ll find grounding and connection to ourselves through the Yin and meditation practice 
and then will end our time together in stillness, allowing the healing vibrations
from the crystal sound bath to help us reach deeper levels of rest and relaxation. 
You’ll be left feeling restored and ready to re-engage with the world!
This is an opportunity to slow down, enjoy a period of stillness and find some peace.  
Location: Studio 33, Ellensbrook 
Spaces are limited to just 9 people to keep each session intimate and cosy. 
Upcoming Sessions: 
17th November, 7.30pm-9.30pm £30 *Already half full*
Candlelit Winter Solstice Special
20th December, 7pm-9.30pm £35

1:1 Soundbath Healing Session

Take some time out for yourself and really switch off from the outside for a short time.
My 1:1 Soundbath Healing allows you space to decompress from the pressures of life in a
nourishing and calming place. 1 to 1 Healing takes place on a massage bed and I play the bowls over you and help to balance and clear the Chakras and energy in the body, it’s a deeply therapeutic experience. You’ll be left feeling rested, restored and ready to re-engage with life with a little more lightness.  
This is time for you. 
£90 per session or buy a course of three sessions for £225
Contact me to book

Group Soundbath Healing Session

I also offer Soundbath Healing for small groups. This is perfect for workplaces that want to support the well-being of their employees or friends who want to come together and experience the benefits of soundbaths.
Please contact me for more information and to book.
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V i c k i 
Yoga Student

“A beautiful, relaxing and peaceful setting. The sound bath (my first) was an absolutely amazing experience and one I can’t wait to experience again.”  –Vicki

Jess Horn Yoga

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Jess is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Teaching classes, Workshops and Leading Retreats across the world, a Yoga Teacher Trainer and Teachers Mentor.

She has been practicing for over 20 years and has found it to be an empowering, transformational and supportive practice and is passionate about sharing the tools that support her, with others.

She’s particularly interested in teaching meditation, movement and mindfulness which she feel’s is so necessary to help deal with the challenges of modern living.

Jess skillfully provides a space where everyone feels comfortable, and can challenge them selves safely, whether they are complete beginners, or more experienced yogis.

Jess has been featured several times in Yoga Magazine, OM magazine and collaborates regularly with YogaMatters.