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Let’s Get Hip Workshop!

Thursday, 29th of April @ 7pm-9pm / Online Zoom

How do you feel about your hips and pelvis?

Is there a sense of freedom? Or an element of stuckness?

The pelvis and hips are the intersection between legs and upper body and are pivotal in all healthy movement practices.
When our hips and pelvis are tight it can cause pain and overload and overuse of the muscles in the spine creating a lot of tension and also loss of freedom and movement. Energetically, it can also make us feel restricted and not able to be in our flow. Unfortunately, the more time we spend sitting in chairs, the more our natural range of movement can get restricted, and added to that, it’s said that we store things from the unconscious here and when we have emotions that we haven’t processed or dealt with, that can add to the tension.
Some of us have hips that will naturally internally rotate, and some of us, ones that will naturally externally rotate. It’s our anatomy and nothing will change that, but, we could hurt ourselves trying to change that! It’s important that we get to know ourselves in our practice. That we begin to explore and know the difference between where your body meets resistance from your anatomy (our skeletal structure) which we can’t do anything about!

AND where it meets resistance from flexibility, where maybe you can begin to make space and the tension can be explored.

About the workshop:
A two-hour online workshop where we explore the mechanics of the hips and pelvis, and how understanding the anatomy better might help us to find greater freedom of movement.
We’ll utilise some more traditional yoga moves AND explore some less conventional strength and mobility drills that I have found to be really helpful to increase mobility AND stability and also some embodiment practices to find freedom. This won’t be your usual yoga practice with a focus on just opening the hips! But more an exploration of your anatomy, movement range, and we’ll keep it juicy and fun!
Benefits of getting HIP:
  • Can help with back pain
  • Can increase our range of motion
  • Can help with circulation
  • Can help release and process pent up emotions
  • Can help open us up creatively, emotionally and to our sensuality
  • Can release stress
  • Can help with knee and feet alignment and health