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Awakening Your Inner Joy Workshop

Sunday, 31st of May from 2pm – 5.30pm / Online - Zoom

Have you found this time in lockdown hard? Have you been on an emotional rollercoaster, finding moments of great sweetness and joy, but also moments of sadness and overwhelm? Are you confused about what the future holds? How we will adjust?

If your answer is yes, and you would like to feel more JOYFUL, in this workshop, learn powerful tools to help you move through challenges with more ease and harness more positive energy!

Our natural state is to be joyful and content, but all too often we get so caught up in our day to day lives, our roles, and responsibilities, our busy minds, and worries, it’s easy to lose sight of our true nature and forget who we really are.

When we were babies we all had this innate sense of Joy and Wonder but over time, though life and conditioning our inner joy often becomes blocked, or obscured somehow.

Yoga provides us with powerful tools to return ‘back home’, to reconnect to that place of peace and contentment.

I am delighted to host this very special afternoon, a retreat for you, from the comfort and privacy of your own home. We will work with yogic tools including Breath, Journaling, Mantra and mudra, Movement, and Rest.

Yogic sages knew, long before scientists proved, that our brains our pliable, and that we have the power to change our behaviour, and create new neural pathways. We can learn to focus on positive emotions, that will ultimately raise our vibration. We are going to look at practical ways we can invite more joy into each and every moment.

I have designed this day to give you Space to reconnect to the Ananda Shakti, the inner joy, and contentment that is our natural state.

And we can discover and remember to remind ourselves how to move through challenging times with more ease and grace.

The Afternoon will look something like this: 

2 pm – Welcome and Intro
2.10 pm – Flow to arrive in the body and clear the mind
3.15 pm – Meditation on Accessing Joy
3.30 pm – Journaling and Intention work
3.50 pm – Tea and loo Break!
4 pm – Restorative/ Yin yoga
5.15 pm – Yoga Nidra
5.30 pm – Close