Relax and Enjoy Yoga


A 5 Day Challenge to help unlock your own potential


17th January  – 21st January 2022

Mantra, Movement, Meditation, Mindset, Manifestation,

Community and Powerful Collective Energy

A 5 day challenge to remember who you were born to be, to remember your own individual potential and worth. A Women’s Group and shared collective energy.

Remembering Our Unbound Potential


Its a powerful Tantric Yogic concept that we are all born with our own individual power, innate intelligence and Unbound Potential but its so easy for us to forget our sense of self. Society is often set up to create a sense of disconnect and its easy for us to feel separate and alone.

– We can feel that we are working to survive

– Lose a sense of ourselves or our purpose

– Feel Anxious or worried without knowing why

– Live automatically, and habitually and not know how to change

– Slip back into unhealthy patterns of behaviour

– Have a low self esteem

– Have low energy and lethargy

– Feel alone and don’t have the support

During this 5 day challenge we will use a mixture of powerful Yogic techniques and modern neuroscience to raise our vibration and REMEMBER our own individual power and potential. In this powerful collective we will have 5 days to kickstart this inner work, let’s Dive Deep together!

Relaxation and meditation on your own space