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Soundbath and Yin, Summer Cool Down!

4th August, 7pm - 9pm / Studio 33

Join me in my brand you garden Yoga studio for these blissful evening of the powerful combination of Yin Yoga and Crystal Soundbath.

This an opportunity to cool down energetically during the fiery summer months 

Even if the temperature isn’t all that hot, energetically the summer is a fiery time. We’ll find grounding and connection to ourselves through the Yin and meditation practice and then will end our time together in stillness, allowing the healing vibrations from the crystal sound bath to help us reach deeper levels of rest and relaxation. Take some time to cool and slow down, restoring your energy levels for the remaining summer.

Summer is a beautiful time where hopefully our energy is high BUT let’s face it, the Summer holidays are a busy time and we can feel exhausted so come and cool down and take some time out just for you! Feel Rested and Restored!