Virtual Women’s Circle

Sunday, 6th March 2022 at 7pm - 9.30pm / Online Via Zoom

Perimenopause and menopausal years can come with their own challenges but one of the hardest things is not having the support and community and not understanding what is happening to our bodies and how we can help ourselves. Traditionally in the past, women would support each other and share, discuss and ‘sit’ together.
 Charlotte and Jess have experienced through the Women’s retreats they run together how helpful this sharing is. 
A individual session with Jess Horn
A individual session with Jess Horn

The Schedule

The evening will look something like this: 
7pm – Introduction and Welcome
7.15pm – Breathwork techniques to ground and calm
7.45pm – Nutrition talk with Charlotte
8.30pm – Breakout rooms and guided discussion
9pm – Bed time stretches, Deep relaxation and Yoga Nidra
9.30pm BED! 
Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021


Yoga has been proven to be very helpful at managing the symptoms of this transitional phase of life, from breathing techniques to learning how to move into the parasympathetic nervous system, to po