8th May 2022 @ 9am-11.30am / Zoom

CALLING ALL YOGA TEACHERS- This one is for you!

Take a look on a Yoga Class with Jesse Horn
Jess horn will definitely help you towards your Yoga session
When did you last take some proper time out for you? To be held in a space, led in movement, enjoy deep rest, community and reflection?
As you’ve been holding space for others, have you managed to take some proper time out for yourself? To chat with people in our teaching community?

Who is holding space for you?

Last year I held a Teachers Online Retreat and it was such a nourishing and empowering occasion and the feedback was so great, people formed new connections and community so I’ve decided to do it again!

Let’s come together to Inspire Each other and Remember WHY we teach yoga! To re-ignite our Sadhana and find support in each other

Together we find Strength

A group picture after Yoga Workshops
This will be a shared community space with
a mixture of the following:
Gentle movement
Journaling / Dharma talk and inquiry
Small-Group discussions in break out rooms, hang out with other teachers
Deep long delicious restorative rest
Lear and Enjoy during the workshops
Listening on a great lecture of Jess Horn

“Jess is an incredible yoga teacher and it’s been an absolute privilege learning from her on the mentoring programme.

As a newly qualified yoga teacher, it’s been invaluable having someone to guide me through setting up my own classes and continuing to develop my teaching skills and knowledge. She’s been able to share her wisdom and offer guidance on so many questions and issues that only come up when you actually start teaching in real life! Most importantly, Jess has helped guide me on my spiritual journey, built my confidence and introduced me to tools that I’ll continue to use long into the future!

I’ve also loved being part of a community of yoga teachers, supporting each other and having fun along the way! Thanks so much, Jess – it’s been awesome!”


£20.00 ONLY