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Roll it out – All about the BALLS. An exploration of our Fascia and nervous system

5th November, 2pm - 5:30pm / Studio 33

Your issues are in your tissues 

In this 3-and-a-half-hour dreamy workshop, we will work with my new favourite tools, the yoga tune-up balls!

We will work through the whole body starting with the feet and rolling out our whole body, ending with an oily self-facial massage and then tea and cake!


2pm : Arrival & introduction to my balls and tea
2.15pm – 5.00pm : Toe to head fascia release heaven
5.00pm – 5.20pm : Yoga Nidra
5.20pm – 5:30pm : Tea and cake

On the journey up through our body, we will not just explore our fascia and muscles, releasing deep help tension there, but will also do a deep dive into opening up our diaphragm and realising tension in our breathing muscles allowing a much fuller diaphragmatic breath.

 We will also learn tools to help soothe and balance our nervous system.

By the end of the workshop, you will feel, longer, more spacious, and more grounded, and will have learnt some important takeaway tools to soothe and regulate your nervous system.


I attended this fascia workshop with Jess with a huge level of excitement. I work with fascia and know precise