Jess Horn, of Jess Horn Yoga, uses crystal sound bowls, drums and various other calming instruments for one of her yin and soundbath sessions to help the mind and body enter a deeper meditative and relaxed state.


October Yin & Soundbath Workshop – Letting Go

Thursday 19th October / 7.30pm - 9pm / Studio 33

We are taking inspiration from Autumn this month with our theme Letting Go.

As we move deeper into Autumn, we’ll take inspiration from the trees shedding their leaves and let go of what we don’t want to carry forward.

We can carry a lot and sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to let go of what is no longer serving or supporting us. Perhaps that fear or insecurity which is holding you back, perhaps it’s old believes or stories you are telling yourself, or simply perhaps the summer was stressful and it’s time to let that go.

This is your chance to shift your energy, come back to yourself and feel lighter as we move closer to winter, the month of hibernation and rest.

The Yin practice will allow us to arrive and slowly find peace and stillness, so we can soften and let go. Then the healing vibrations from the crystal sound bath will help you drift deeper into relaxation and a sense of calm as you move forward without whatever you have left behind.

INVESTMENT: Price £30 p/p.

Limited places of 9 are available!

Thank you for a wonderful evening Jess.

It was so beautiful – I saw colours tonight which was a surprise and a treat ! Everything you do, you do so well – and is a huge part of my well being so thank you.

Yoga Student