November Yin & Soundbath Workshop – New Moon, New Intentions

Friday 10th November / 7.30pm - 9pm / Studio 33

This new moon is a chance for us to slow down, turn inwards and set meaningful intention for the new cycle.

My Yin & Soundbath sessions return with the new moon.

We find ourselves at the beginning of a new cycle, a moment of cosmic rest. The new moon is an ideal time to set intentions of how you want to move through the next cycle. And what better way to set meaningful intentions that slowing down so you can really drop into your inner guide and let them show you the way forward.

It can be difficult to hear our inner voice, our inner knowing, as we rush around in our daily lives. But it’s from this place that we can really get clear about what we want to create in our lives. By slowing down, we give ourselves a chance to listen to our inner guide and our deepest desires, allowing us to move forward with clarity to what we really want to create.

We’ll find grounding and connection to ourselves and our inner voice through the Yin and meditation practice to allow us to set intentions for the coming cycle. We will then end our time together in stillness, allowing the healing vibrations from the crystal sound bath to help us reach deeper levels of rest and relaxation, as those intentions settle deep into our soul.

INVESTMENT: Price £30 p/p.

Limited places of 9 are available!

Thank you for a wonderful evening Jess.

It was so beautiful – I saw colours tonight which was a surprise and a treat ! Everything you do, you do so well – and is a huge part of my well being so thank you.

Yoga Student