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Navigating the Perimenopause & Menopause with Yoga & Nutrition

Saturday, 8th October 2022 / Cucumber Fields, Hertfordshire

Perimenopause and menopause come at such a busy time adding pressure and stress to daily life. Apart from the physical symptoms, we can feel an increased lack of confidence, feelings of anxiety, and overwhelm. Our lifestyle choices can make a huge difference to these feelings with both yoga practice and good nutrition proven to alleviate physical and mental symptoms.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex
Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex

Why Join The Retreat?

This day retreat is focused around on symptom management with practical tools and tips for you to take home. We’ll provide a peaceful space and a full programme of healing practices and tips. Hormones are hugely influenced by the foods we eat. You’ll learn what the most important changes mean and how to eat for your hormones. We will also provide a delicious plant-based lunch.

You’ll enjoy a full schedule of yoga, meditation, nutrition workshops, and beautiful Crystal sound baths in the company of like-minded women.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021


11am – Yoga Flow to Stillness

12.30pm – Plant Based Lunch

1.15pm – Mindful Walk

2pm – Nutrition Workshop

3.30pm – Yin Yoga

5pm – Healthy Hormones Smoothie Workshop

5.45pm – 6.30pm – Crystal Sound Bath


De-stressing is critical to balancing the hormones that affect our moods, energy levels and sleep patterns and the meditative nature of yoga is a powerful tool in calming our psychological state. Our stress (adrenal) glands come under enormous pressure as we age and due to the stressful nature of many of our lives and dysfunction in this area is a strong contributing factor to a number of symptoms ranging from energy issues to anxiety. Yoga can help us manage these symptoms and help us regulate our energy and emotions. Yoga can help us slow down ageing!

Overall, yoga provides a myriad of benefits when it comes to managing hormones and energy levels that will be shared with you during this retreat.

You don’t need to have had any previous yoga or meditation experience to benefit from the programme.

Jess, as your Yoga teacher, will make sure you have the individual support you need. Jess teaches yoga classes, workshops and leads retreats all across the world. She is very experienced, having taught for over 14 years and has found it to be an empowering, transformational and supportive practice and is passionate about sharing the tools that support her, with others. Meditation is a key part of the retreat and you will leave with the tools you need to practice at home. The classes are designed with female hormone health in mind and through breathing, postures and meditation, yoga provides a therapeutic tool in the management of female hormone-related symptoms. There are plenty of options for those who want either a stronger class or a more restful one and complete beginners are most welcome too.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021

As well as having a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating programme the retreat will also be educational and empowering. It will help us demystify our hormones, openly address the difficulties that can arise for women as we age. When we understand what is going on with our body and mind we can take action to change it. This retreat will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to manage your symptoms more effectively and move through the changes with more grace and ease.

At our last retreat, we explored the symptoms as a group, shared experiences and tips and went home armed with new information. The guests enjoyed the informal nature of the workshops and felt better informed in terms of what was happening with their bodies. We explored topics most important to the health of women.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021

All the classes are designed to directly benefit hormones, educate us around hormones or discuss managing symptoms. What ever stage or age you are at, you will benefit hugely, not only from deep relaxation, the yoga and meditation but also from the information you take home with you.

“Perfect! Loved the variety in each of the classes.  Jess is such an inspiring, knowledgeable and fun teacher”
–Kate, Nov 2021