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Half Day Retreat

March 5th 2022, 1pm - 6pm / Cucumber Fields

 An Afternoon Retreat at the stunning Cucumber Fields with the focus on Transformation and Tapas.

How we can build Tapas (discipline and heat to burn through impurities) and in order to shed that which holds us back and gives us courage to step into something new.


We will start with an energising and heat building Slow but Strong Vinyasa flow (options given to make the practice suitable for all *)

We will explore asana, pranayama, and visualisations, and mantra to help us identify that which we wish to transform, that which is in our way. We will practice finding our own challenge and how to grow as yoga practitioners, through mind, body, and spirit.
Retreat with Jess Horn
Retreat with Jess Horn


We will then break for delicious gluten-free, refined sugar-free but delicious cakes and tea and then we will have a dreamy and deeply relaxing Yin session with the sounds of the crystal bowls.
A nice vibe during your stay
Dream cup for your relaxation


We will use the journalling time for deep reflection and to carve out our goals and focus for the coming months and then lastly have a mediation with mantra, and end with a deeply restoring Savasana.
Retreat with Jess Horn
Retreat with Jess Horn

Here is the timetable:


For those who would like there is the possibility to book a massage with a therapist prior to the afternoon retreat.