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Candlelit Yin for Autumn – A Seasonal Practice

Friday 5th of October from 7 – 9pm / Clarity Yoga in St Albans

Life can be busy, how often when people ask you how you are, is your response “BUSY!”

Come and take some time for you, in this workshop designed especially for busy people. Let go of the constant need to do, to look after others, work, socialise, even to think,  come and explore simply BEING!

In this nurturing workshop we will practice a carefully designed Yin Yoga sequence to lead you to a place of stillness and deep rest. We will start with some gentle movement, before easing our way into some longer holds. You will feel the physical and mental tension melting away!!  If you’ve been feeling tired and like life is too full, then this is the workshop for you!  The sequence will be designed from an Ayurvedic approach, with a seasonal theme of how to find balance at this time of year.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year but just as we can feel the changes in the air outside, it often causes shifts within us. We are made of the 5 great elements, what is outside, is also within. So as the wind picks up, the air drys out and things cool down it can cause us to feel this change, sometimes leading to a busier mind, even anxiety and trouble sleeping and our energy can feel scattered and un-grounded. Sound familiar? Well the good news is that there’s help at hand!  During the workshop we’ll explore an Ayurvedic approach to the this time of year and explore ways we can move through it with more ease by incorporating the right foods, daily tips and yoga practices.

This workshop is suitable for all practitioners and will be likely to fill fast so do book your places early!

£30.00 –  Only 12 spaces.