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Friday, 24th of September 2021 @ 10am - 5pm / Samsara Retreat

 A DAY RETREAT – Journey to Stillness

A full-day retreat completely dedicated to you and your well-being.
Come and join Rebecca Dennis and Jess Horn!
This day will be completely dedicated to you and your well-being and will give you the Re-Set you need to move forward with ease, clarity, and purpose.  

At this inspiring retreat, we’ll nurture and revitalise the mind and body through:  

 Mindful movement  

– Cutting edge breathwork  

– Guided journaling 


 Deep Rest 

– Sound Healing

The day will be carefully curated to enable us to arrive in stillness, so we can ‘see’ ourselves with more clarity.


THE PLAN – The Retreat will look something like this:

We will begin with a carefully planned, Slow Flow Yoga Practice with Jess Horn.

The sequence will be designed to help you arrive fully in your body, and create space both physically and mentally, to prepare for the breath practice. 

Then, Rebecca Dennis will take you on a powerful journey with your breath.

You will learn and experience the deep healing benefits of self-healing breathwork. This can help you let go of any unhealthy breathing habits, such as breath holding, shallow breathing, and over-breathing, and release both physical and emotional tension from the body. This can dramatically shift the way you feel in your body and bring higher states of awareness to the mind. 

We will spend some time reflecting with guided journaling, to help us find our Sankalpa and reflect on how we’d like to navigate through life.  

The day will be topped off with a beautiful Yin/Restorative Yoga practice to help lead us to stillness and absorb the benefits of this deeply healing day 

Finally, we will all come together to meditate and you will leave feeling balanced, connected, and at peace.  

Jess will be weaving in sound with her magical crystal bowls throughout the day to help clear and deepen our experience. 

Benefits of improving your breathing: 

Open your breath and expand your awareness 

 Feel more energised and revitalised 

 Let go of old emotions and gain a sense of freedom 

 Release anxiety and alleviate depression 

Develop a strong connection with your true self 

 Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others 

Become aware of emotions halting your emotional growth 

Develop a new dimension to your yoga practice   


Rebecca and Jess have been creating magic together at their retreats for over 9 years now and are excited to share this transformational day with you.  

As voted by Tatler Spa Guide: ‘Transformational Breath and Yoga Retreat, one of the best retreats in the world.’


UK’s leading Breath Coach & international author of ´And Breathe´

Rebecca has over 20 years of experience in alternative and holistic healing methods and shared breathwork with thousands of people around the globe. She has trained with many worldwide masters and experts in breathwork and healing modalities and helps alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep deprivation, and energy loss. She sees fast and transformative results within a short period of time and encourages clients to understand and empower themselves with their own innate, natural healing powers working simply with the breath.

Breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and also under our control. That is not an accident of nature – it is by design and when used consciously is the key to reaching optimal health and performance. Rebecca’s own experiences with breathwork have completely shifted and elevated her own life and beliefs. She understands the potential of our breath and how we can recharge and reset our nervous system and physiology and release trauma held in the body.

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Jess is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Teaching classes, Workshops and Leading Retreats across the world, a Yoga Teacher Trainer and Teachers Mentor.

She has been practicing for over 20 years and has found it to be an empowering, transformational and supportive practice and is passionate about sharing the tools that support her, with others.

She’s particularly interested in teaching meditation, movement and mindfulness which she feel’s is so necessary to help deal with the challenges of modern living.

Jess skillfully provides a space where everyone feels comfortable, and can challenge them selves safely, whether they are complete beginners, or more experienced yogis.

Jess has been featured several times in Yoga Magazine, OM magazine and collaborates regularly with YogaMatters.


Discover how your breath is the key to unlocking your full potential. Learn how the way you breathe shapes the way you live. Learn how to harness the power of the mind rather than be ruled by it and reclaim your body and be in the present moment. We will focus on how emotions get stuck in the body and learn about the scientific evidence and research that supports how the nervous system and breath respond to life’s challenges.

* Feel totally invigorated

* Connect with your body’s innate healing abilities

* Gain clarity and learn to let go of emotional blocks

* Release anxiety and alleviate depression

* Open your breath and learn how to reach your full potential

* Experience deep peace and connection

* Develop a new dimension to your yoga and/or spiritual practice

* Feel motivated, peaceful and energized

You will experience the difference between practicing “thinking mode versus feeling mode” and learn effective ways to strengthen your ability to hold attention and discern deeper levels of feeling. Make choices, take action, and create your own rhythm so that the flow of Life and your breath can support you.


The yoga sessions will be carefully curated to prepare and support you for the breath sessions. We will open the body, the muscles and tissues associated with our diaphragm and through slow, and thoughtful sequences the mind will also open and quieten allowing us fuller participation.


Yogis have know about the benefits of Meditation for thousands of years and recently scientists have been able to back this up and show how meditation can help us re- wire our brains to work better! Instead of our minds ruling us, we can utilise the power of our minds and direct our thoughts to more positive places. We can feel calmer, clearer, more productive and sleep better amongst other benefits.

We will explore easy, yet powerful ancient techniques, to help cope with the trials of the modern world and find greater inner peace and clarity.


Price: £180.00 ONLY

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