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AYNI Retreats

November 29th - 2nd December 2021 / Wasing Estate, Berkshire

 A Transformational Programme of Progressive Natural Healing

  Are you ready for change? Join us on a deep and powerful journey to reset and upgrade your mind and body.


Step out of the busy pace of life and into the woodlands for this energising and revitalising mid-week retreat at Wasing Estate in Berkshire. In today’s highly-strung, always-on society, we often hover in a constant state of low or high anxiety. Continuous low-level stress is now accepted as normal. Mental overload leads to physical stress which literally restricts the way we breathe, keeping the unhealthy circle going and results in us feeling out of balance.

AYNI means balance in the indigenous language of Quechua. In the Andean villages this reciprocity can be tangible or intangible and it is practiced in all aspects of the daily life. All things in ayni, means all things in right balance whether it be in the environment or our bodies. It is an action and more importantly a way of life that should be understood as the essence which triggers all of our actions.

Ayni show reciprocity with nature because nature is part of us. It is the source of life and everything that keeps us alive and nurtures us, and it is our duty to reciprocate.

This thinking means we recognise when something is out of balance in the world around us, and know we must balance something within us. We correct ourselves within, and then witness the shift around us. Our thoughts and actions create, and our body responds.

This four day programme will see you learn and practice cutting edge breathwork techniques, yoga, meditation and receive deep body work to super charge your body’s systems, bring in balance, relax and reboot the body and mind. Towards the end of the year is the perfect time to allow the body to move, stretch and breath ready for the upcoming festive period.

In between the yoga, meditation and breath sessions you can enjoy woodland walks and (for the brave!) wild swims in the heart of the stunning Wasing Woodlands.


All the rooms are designed with luxurious charm and deep sleep in mind. Roll tops baths and large beds in the Coach Houses guarantee a good night’s sleep and power showers ensure a perfect start to your day. Shared accommodation is available in the Stable Rooms and these light and airy rooms are decorated in their individual way using antique furniture and 18th century pictures salvaged from the original Wasing House. The Dovecot and Granary have knock out character, taking its cue from the history of the area, you will never want to leave.

All the Yoga and Breathing sessions take place in a light and airy room set amongst a walled garden. Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are all provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own yoga equipment should you prefer. The floor to ceiling window open out so on sunny days these are flung open to let the morning fresh air in. Late afternoon and evening sessions, the room is heated to ensure the deepest relaxation.

Wasing Park is nestled in the Narnia-esque style Woodlands with 3 stunning lakes to wander around or dip in for wild swims. The winding paths make for a magical jaunt and the perfect chance for you fully reconnect with Nature. There is also a marvellous secret walled garden near the accommodation, which you can potter around or simply sit quietly on one of the garden benches and look at all the wonderful flowers that will be blooming at this time of year.

Every corner you turn here at Wasing will connect you either with ancient trees, wildlife or newly blooming flowers and everything in between.


This is a full board retreat where you will enjoy nourishing food and drinks which will be both energising and cleansing for this time of year. There will also be super food snacks so feeling hungry won’t be an option! All meals are served in the elegantly designed dining and room and is candlelit for the evening.

Vegetarian, nutritious and seasonal meals will be prepared by our in house chef and are all freshly prepared each day. The menu will be carefully designed to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the programme. All participants will be required to spend the week prior to the retreat cleansing and preparing the body and mind by following our dietary suggestions.

On retreat, each day will start with a seasonal cleansing juice and we will eat light, delicious and nutrition packed food. By the end of the 4th day you will feel cleansed and clear and revitalised and been given the support and space to re-boot the bodies systems!



2pm – Arrival to the venue

3pm – 3.45 – Welcome Circle and Intention setting

3.45pm – 4.45pm – Yoga – Opening Body to Breathe

4.45pm – 7.15pm – Full Breathwork session

7.30pm – Dinner in the Stables

21:00 – Yoga Nidra


7am – Fresh Cleanse Juice served in the Stables Lodge

8am – 10am – Yoga and Meditation – Flow to stillness