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A Women’s Wellbeing Retreat with Yoga & Nutrition

Tuesday 16th of November – Friday 19th of November 2021 (4 days, 3 nights) / The Lodges, Sussex

Take some time just for yourself, get away from everything, and indulge in some deep rest, delicious and nutritious food, all whilst learning and educating yourself about how best to look after yourself and nourish your body.

Enjoy the company of other women and share their experiences at this beautiful country hotel.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex
Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex

Why Join The Retreat?

The focus of this retreat is your hormonal health.

You may think menopause applies only to women in their 50s but the peri-menopausal can begin many years prior, even as young as 35. Some women are aware that changes in mood, energy, and temperature are down to these fluctuations but there are less obvious signs such as changes in weight, heart palpitations, brain fog, and joint pain that are also associated with unhappy hormones. These symptoms are often missed as being caused by hormone fluctuations.

Joining this retreat will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to manage your symptoms more effectively and if you start looking after yourself now to move through the changes with more grace and ease, we will provide a safe, nurturing, and comfortable environment in good company at the beautiful lodge New House Farm in Sussex.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021

The purpose of this retreat is to demystify our hormones, openly address the difficulties that seem relentless at times; understand what is going on with our body and mind and what we can do to change it.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021

 Expect a powerful combination of classes and workshops such as daily yoga, relaxation sessions, country walks, meditation, and nutritional information, alongside tasty and healthy meals to equip you with the tools you need to manage hormonal changes.

Hormonal Wellbeing Retreat in Sussex 2021


De-stressing is critical to balancing the hormones that affect our moods, and energy and the meditative nature of yoga is a powerful tool in calming our psychological state. Our stress (adrenal) glands come under enormous pressure at this time and dysfunction in this area is a strong contributing factor to a number of symptoms ranging from energy issues to anxiety. Yoga helps manage these symptoms as well as those pesky hot flushes that can be so debilitating.

Overall, yoga provides a myriad of benefits when it comes to managing hormones and energy levels for both pre and post-menopause.

You don’t need to have had any previous yoga or meditation experience to benefit from the programme.

Jess, as your Yoga teacher, will make sure you have the individual support you need.

“I came back from Charlotte & Jess’ retreat feeling 10 years younger!”

—Tash, Ibiza, 2018


Spend 4 days at The Lodges, a beautiful Grade II listed farmhouse in Sussex, just an hour away from central London to Master Your Hormonal Wellbeing.

The lodges and farmhouse afford breathtaking views over the peaceful landscape. The rooms are spacious, cosy, and perfect to relax and unwind. The accommodation is spread across the grounds and houses and barns for our retreat activities, a farmhouse, and several luxury lodges. A year-round heated outdoor pool is also available, as well as a Jacuzzi.