42 Acres AYNI Retreat

14th - 17th Octber 2024 / 42 Acres, Somerset

A Transformational Programme of  Personal Growth and Progressive Life Changing Healing

  Are you ready for change?

Join us on a deep and powerful journey to reset and upgrade your mind and body.

Over the last 12 years Ayni Programme has gained an extraordinary reputation amongst people who really want to come to experience deep healing inner work.

“I can safely say if you are looking for a retreat that provides the very best teaching, ANYI is the one. The time, care, sensitivity and experience of Rebecca’s breath work and Jess’s yoga brings a complete fullness and richness in being. I felt absolutely amazing inside and out from my Ayni retreat and would recommend this experience, or any of their other courses, to anyone looking for a reset. Having been on many different retreats over the last 25 years, I believe this is nothing short of world class.” Deborah Thomas, previous AYNI Retreat attendee

About The AYNI Retreat Programme

On the Ayni Retreat Programme each client is embraced in their wholeness and honoured for their unique life journey. By consciously recognising restrictive patterns, thoughts, armouring, beliefs and unprocessed trauma through embodied somatic breathwork, yoga, mindfulness and supporting techniques, participants will gain a greater sense of connection and freedom in their body and mind. Together we will meet the intricate parts that we all carry in various ways throughout our lives. Rebecca and Jess and their experienced team prioritise holding a space for deep healing work and personal development with a gentle and skilled approach to nurture and restore the nervous system.

Often, we carry stories in our body and mind and in this space we will be listening deeply to the subconscious body and the wisdom it carries. Make breakthroughs whilst held in a safe container and begin to make peace whilst discovering tools, inner strength and support to continue your experience on this healing path.

Most of us have experienced mental, emotional or physical trauma on some level, which can restrict our breath and capacity to fully feel. The resulting body armouring and muscular tension can endure and manifest over the years. Life altering events, big and small change our physiology in the brain and nervous system and can create a feeling or disconnect.

Trauma and life experiences have shaped many of us and our lives, it has surfaced in relationships, lifestyle choices, habits and in the body and at times has overwhelmed our ability to cope. The impact of stress and living in uncertain times pervades all the different layers of our humanness and our experience. At Ayni we create a nurturing environment for you to explore, feel present, empowered, safe and connected.

AYNI means balance in the indigenous language of Quechua. In the Andean villages this reciprocity can be tangible or intangible and it is practiced in all aspects of daily life. All things in AYNI, means all things in the right balance whether it be in the environment or our bodies. It is an action and more importantly a way of life that should be understood as the essence which triggers all of our actions.

AYNI shows reciprocity with nature because nature is part of us. It is the source of life and everything that keeps us alive and nurtures us, and it is our duty to reciprocate.

This thinking means we recognise when something is out of balance in the world around us, and we begin by creating balance within us. We heal and realign ourselves within, and then witness the shift around us.

This 3 night, 4 day programme will see you learn and practice cutting edge breathwork techniques, yoga, somatic work, shamanic practices, trauma release, nervous system regulation meditation, sound healing and receive deep body work to supercharge your body’s systems, bring in balance, relax and reboot the body and mind. In between the sessions you can enjoy massage, walks, reflection time and wild swims.