Come into your Own Innate and Individual Potential and Power

A 12week Transformational Programme for women who are ready to claim 2022 as theirs!

Using a blend of powerful Yogic tools, Modern science and Coaching
techniques, including Mindset, Movement, Mantra, Manifestation,
Meditation, Shadow work, Inner Child work and importantly DEEP REST!
Moving into embracing ALL of you! Stepping into your POWER and
Femininity and fully owning yourself.

Who is it for:  

  • If you are feeling stuck and you’re not sure how to move forward
  • If you want to carve out more time for you to create healthier habits
  • If you get stuck in negative thought spirals
  • If you lack confidence or have lost a sense of self
  • If you know life has more to offer
  • If you know you have more potential and want help in realising it
  • If you want to feel strong, healthy and confident
  • If you want a strong and supportive community and coach to help you move forwards
  • If you want 1 to 1 coaching and support individually tailored to you
  • This programme is for Women who have spent years putting others or their careers above themselves and now feel the calling to claim their time
Peaceful Yoga
Yoga sessions in Living Room

What’s Included:

  • 12 weekly group coaching / teaching session (1 p/w) all recorded with access for life
  • 2 x 45 min session (2 per month) coaching or physical movement session – 1 to 1 with me to set your individual goals / mindset work or physical practices tailored exactly to you
  • Online Group Portal for Community and Online support from me and my team and the other goddesses on the programme
  • 1 x 20 min Strengthening movement practice per week (recordings accessed any time)
  • 1 x 30 min weekly group practice – deep rest session (recordings accessed any time)
  • Support building a bulletproof morning routine, tailored to you and someone to hold you accountable for 12 weeks!
  • Healthy Habits Support in the group
Group Yoga Sessions
Group Yoga sessions with Jesse Horn

The Modules and Topics, We will Explore:

  • Building the foundations – Where we are now deep Introspection and reflection on where we are now and help finding where you want to get to and how
  • Embracing ALL of ourselves, building confidence and Self-esteem to feel more powerful and confident
  • Building an easy and accessible meditation practice that can change your life
  • Magic Mornings, the power of Intention, how to Manifest Consciously
  • Movement as Medicine, Embodiment
  • Power of embracing and working with our Subconscious: Shadow Work & Inner Child Work
  • Living Consciously, stopping habitual living, and creating Healthy Habits
  • Working Consciously with and understanding our mind
  • Soothing the Nervous System for optimum health and performance – Deep Rest and Breathwork, the Vagus Nerve
  • Myofascial Release techniques to ease tension and create a spacious mind and body
  • Remembering and finding our purpose – The Future You
  • Celebrating Magic and Mystery and connecting to our Spirituality and Higher Selves


Opening Ceremony
3rd of April 7.30pm – 8pm
Week 1
5th of April 6.30pm
Week 2 
14th of April 6pm
Week 3
20th April 5.30pm
Week 4 
25th April 5.30pm
Week 5 
3rd May 6pm