Pregnancy Yoga

I am a qualified Pregnancy and post natal teacher and it is an honour to work with women during this important time.

During my pregnancy, yoga was my saving grace and I always looked forward to the class I attended where I could talk to other pregnant women. I had already been practicing yoga for over 10 years at this time but there was something incredibly special about taking part in classes tailored especially for pregnant women.

Once my son was born I knew teaching pregnancy yoga was something I had to do so after completing my 200 hr RYT teaching course I took the specialist course with the lovely Nadia Narain at Tri Yoga in London.

Relaxation with Jesse Horn
Group workshop with Jesse Horn

We start classes by introducing ourselves and sharing our stories if we wish to, this can help you to meet other expectant mothers and bond with women who are going through the same thing as you.

The classes are made up of the traditional yoga postures which are adapted to suit you dependant on your trimester.

The asanas prepare you physically and mentally for the experience of childbirth and the transition to motherhood by strengthening the muscles needed for a healthy pregnancy and for childbirth itself.

Pre-natal pregnancy has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety beneficial to both mother and baby.

We work with specific breathing techniques, meditations and mantras and develop tools for a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth which help increase your connection to your baby, yourself and your partner.

“It is my aim to create a safe and nurturing environment for expectant mums and that by practicing yoga with me during their pregnancy they will gain a sense of empowerment, learn to trust their inherent instincts and trust the amazing, natural process of giving birth”

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