Slow Flow

7.45pm - 9pm

This class blends together all of the best parts of yoga! (Not suitable for beginners)

A slow yet strong alignment-based flow class to strengthen and energise the body. Physical practice (asana) to strengthen, tone and stretch the body, breathwork to calm and soothe the nervous system, and easy effective meditation techniques to help you with greater clarity of mind, leaving you calm and serene. This class is done in a safe and friendly environment, in a small group with a senior teacher who will make sure you are learning as you go, giving you options that are suitable for your body and your energy levels!

Come and explore how yoga can benefit you. Great for those who want to start the week off with more energy and a clear mind!

Monday7.45pm - 9pm In-Studio and Online
Full Term Price: £78 One Off Class Fee: £13
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